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About Us



The history of the LOTTINI brand started from a curiosity towards the craftsmanship and handmade products which turned the brand into a shoe factory situated in Istanbul.Where now all the shoes of the collection are being designed and realized, through traditional methods.

Attention to detail, passion for high quality materials as well as for unique design: thanks to all these three aspects today you can find all the LOTTINI creations in the most exclusive stores around the world.



The design of the Lottini's creations is anchored to the logic of comfort and style: particular attention is paid to the choice of materials, enriched by the sophisticated details and high craftsmanship. Once you open the box of your shoes, just breathe the flavour of the leather spreading all around you.


The production of Lottini's shoes reflects entirely the spirit of the initial craftsmanship and represents completely the tradition of the Italian shoe school. Hands and machines together : when you wear a pair of Lottini's shoes, you will immediately acknowledge this perfect blend.


Lottini's shoes boast a timeless style: all his collections not only follow the fashion but they do exalt and sublimate it. When you wear a pair of Lottini's shoes, you will feel like these shoes have been designed for you.

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